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NarPhu Valley Trek

Narpa Municipality welcomes you to the land of Narpa; amazingly rich and diverse in culture, spritual activities and religious belifs. Narpa are the indigenous people of Nepal living in the areas of Nar and Phu Villages. The land of Narpa is known for its geography and environment from ancient days which favoured different kinds of creative, vedic, spiritual, cultural activities. It is not only to see its natural beauty and landscapes but also to know its importance in spiritual, cultural and scientific way.

The inhabitants of Nara go to Mita for winter break. This is a winter creek. There are 3 gomps in Nara and 3 gomps in Phu. Tasilakhang Gompa is the famous Gompa here. This gompa is considered to be one of the 3 gompas and is believed to be the last gompa manufactured by Urgyn Lundup. Here, on special days like Purnima etc. worship is performed by local people.

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The old Monasteries

A monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer which may be a chapel, church, or temple, and may also serve as an oratory, or in the case of communities anything from a single building housing only one senior and two or three junior monks or n